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THE FLASH: Ep.12 Quick Review & Promo

More flash than substance:  This episode, which was an homage to the movie ‘Inception’, or a direct copycat, looked good but felt like a filler episode.  Sherlock got one more clue to Nora’s secret, but he still didn’t expose her.  And in the ‘dream-within-a-dream’, Barry and Iris get to visit the Flash museum.  Which looked more like a tacky gift-shop than an actual museum.

The one thing we did learn was that innocent little Grace isn’t all that innocent.  She’s bitter, because meta-humans killed her parents, plus she’s got a shard of dark matter on the brain.  So maybe Grace has got special abilities too.  Even though she’s in a coma, she’s aware of what’s going on around her. And Grace is definitely pro-Cicada, sharing his hatred of meta-humans. In her mind, she may even see herself as Cicada.