SUPERGIRL: Ep. 12 Quick Review and Promo

There was a woman with a cheesy CGI alien snake in her neck, and her powers were throwing CGI snakes. I didn’t  care for any of it.  But the character is from the comics, so it’s not entirely the fault of the show’s Producers.  Though choosing to bring this character onto the show, and the poor execution, is all on them.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Olsen finally breaks up with Lena Luthor, because the super-serum she’s working on is about to be weaponized.  Agent Liberty is freed by Presidential order. And we finally get to see ‘Dreamer’ in action, clobbering CGI snakes with a pipe.  Snakes that Supergirl herself can’t seem to overpower for some reason.  To quote a famous archeologist; “Snakes! Why’d it have to be snakes?!”

Here’s the next-episode promo…