At least on TITANS – The DC Universe Streaming Service has cast it’s Superboy. Joshua Orpin will play Conner Kent, a clone of Superman AND Lex Luthor. That’s an interesting twist on the old “My Two Dads” sitcom that aired in the late 80’s.  But whether either of these high-profile Dads will appear on Titans, is unclear.  My guess is that we’ll only see silhouettes or unclear glimpse of them, if they appear at all, which is how Batman was referenced 1st season.

And luckily, Superboy’s look isn’t complicated. He only wears a black Superman tee and jeans, so we hopefully won’t have to endure another Starfire-level costume debacle.  And when he appeared at the end of the Titans finale he was naked, so there’s nowhere to go but up.  Also don’t forget that we also get Krypto.  Here’s what show-runner/executive producer Greg Walker told EW in December…

“We still want to take the same dimensionalized and psychologically grounded approach that we do with the other characters and apply that same pressure to Conner Kent and see what shakes out when you put a character like that through that test…You know, questions of identity, questions of powers, questions of your place in the universe. These are all questions that are interesting for any kind of Superman character, and are really interesting for Conner.”