CAPTAIN MARVEL: My 1st Reaction

NO SPOILERS HERE: I don’t do full-on movie reviews, because I believe people should make up their own minds. Entertainment enjoyment is the ultimate goal, and it’s subjective.  So go see the movie yourself.  That being said; here’s my reaction.

I saw Captain Marvel last night, and overall, I enjoyed it.  Five people got writing credit, which is probably why the story felt flawed, and a bit pieced together.  But by the time it all wrapped up, I was onboard with it. Though there were some “where-did-THAT- come-from” moments that left me scratching my head after the credit roll.  (And no, I don’t have head lice.)  FYI – stay till the very end, because there are two bonus scenes. And you don’t want to miss the last one.

So my prediction is that most Marvel fans are going to dig this film, warts and all.  And that the female fans are really going to dig it. – Based on the vocal reactions from the female fans at the screening I attended.