Cobra Blu-ray Review: VHS Is A Disease, Blu-Ray Is The Cure

Whoever has home video rights to MGM will keep releasing new editions of Rocky and Lionsgate will keep pumping out new editions of the Rambo films. Shout! Factory got their hands on Stallone’s 1986 cop movie Cobra. I was away at Sundance when the Blu-ray came out and then had TCA right after, so I’m a little late catching up.

The 2K transfer maintains Cobra’s dark, gritty look. It’s Stallone action as serial killer thriller so there’s a lot at night or in dark interiors. You still see the grain of the film, and the action transitions from gritty urban city scuffles to outdoor backroads. Cold or bright, the action is hardcore.

Since director George P. Cosmatos is no longer with us (though his old commentary is still represented) and Stallone is busy, the bonus features get to focus on the colorful supporting cast. Brian Thompson recalls his Terminator audition with great detail on Cameron and Hurd. He’s frank about clashes with Cosmatos. Likewise Marco Rodriguez going into detail about the opening supermarket shootout.

Andrew Robinson tells the original ending and confirms Cosmatos had to defer to Stallone. Lee Garlington has some good insights into being a female villain and Art Lafleur estimates Stallone directed the movie, Cosmatos codirected at best. Nobody mentions the deleted scenes or early two hour cut, unfortunately.