Green Book Blu-Ray Review: HD Road Trip

Green Book won the Oscar for Best Picture two weeks ago. It’s not a bad movie, because Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali are so good as Tony Lip and Doc Shirley, they overcome sometimes oversimplified material. We may not be ready to settle the debate on whether or not it deserved it yet, but this was about the time Green Book was going to come out on home video anyway. We’d be reviewing it regardless.

The ‘69s south and NY come to life in HD. It has that digital look so that takes you out of the history a little bit, but it’s a good travelogue of the American south and inside ornate concert halls.

Maybe they didn’t anticipate an Oscar win, or anticipated it so didn’t need to load up on extras. Three four-five minute featurettes pay Lip service (see what I did there) to the acting, real friendship and history of the Green Book.

You’d think Peter Farrelly and Nick Vallelonga would do a commentary but it’s not here. Maybe you’d be interested that producer Octavia Spencer is included in interviews.