SUPERGIRL: Ep.16 Quick Review & Promo

Lex Luthor gave himself cancer as part of his master plan, that’s commitment. It was a good episode. We saw Lex use his iconic super suit to fight Supergirl, on the roof of Metropolis’ Daily Planet building. Then Lex gets arrested for temporarily turning our yellow sun red. And for years, he’s been pulling strings from behind bars. Which is another popular comics trope. That’s how he first meets Supergirl’s Russian clone and gains her trust. Turning his new ‘Red Daughter’ against America, and our beloved Maid Of Might.

Oh, and Lex has got super powers now too; but not from Lena’s serum. At least not directly. Russian Supergirl, now a super weapon, gets some kind of clone sickness, and needs Lena’s serum to survive. So knowing Lena won’t volunteer to help her, Lex gives himself cancer so she’ll help him. Since he is her brother. Then once cured, Lex and his Russian Girl Of Steel do a blood swap, and now she’s cured too, and he’s all powered up. Confusing? Aren’t all villainous master plans overly complex, and a little nuts.

Anyway, we’ll see how it all shakes out next week. Here’s the promo…