I really enjoyed this episode, entitled Lost Canary, because of conflicted Black Siren’s satisfying redemption, and the return of Sara Lance, as the White Canary. It was good to see these semi-sisters together, along with Dinah as the Black Canary, and Felicity’s Overwatch. Making this episode the Arrow-version of ‘Birds Of Prey.’  Well done!

As you may, or may not recall, Black Siren is Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 evil doppelganger turned- good.  And though she does some serious back-sliding, after being framed for murder, she manages to hold true to her new moral compass.  Proving that someday she will become a true hero.

But it wasn’t a perfect episode. Laure reconnects with an evil old friend and goes on a bit of a crime spree as Black Siren.  And while Black Siren doesn’t kill anyone, her friend does, which made the episode a little darker than it needed to be. But I still liked it.  And next week we get a Diggle episode.  Here’s the promo…

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