Roy’s back, but it’s not all good news.  We find out that he joined the exclusive six-feet-under club, with Sara Lance and Thea Queen.  That’s where you die, and then someone dunks you in the Lazarus Pit, bringing you back to life.  But you come back with anger issues.  That’s why Roy kills two innocent guards as Arsenal, and Team Arrow has to cover for him.  Blaming the deaths on Oliver’s sister Emiko, since she’s gone over to the darks side.

It was an okay episode.  But I wonder how this is going to change the Team’s status with the SCPD.  The team lied to the police to cover for Roy.  But Emiko has the surveillance video that shows Roy doing the deed.  And she’s sent the damning evidence to the police.  But not before collapsing a building on top of the team,,,


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