This episode was about inward reflection and and change, which isn’t a bad thing.  Oliver is trapped in the rubble of the building his half-sister dropped on him last episode.  Yeah, the Queen family has issues.  And while stuck, Oliver gets to work through some inner demons with the help of a hallucination that looks like Tommy Merlin, his dead best friend.

Roy gets to work through his guilt, for killing those two rent-a-cops last episode, by risking his life to save the Team.  I guess “The Lazarus Pit Made Me Do It” explanation is good enough after all.  But now that the Police know the truth, will they all lose their legal status?  Maybe so, because Emiko attacks SCPD and kills absolutely everybody, escaping with the doomsday device.  So if Team Arrow can once again save the City, maybe the whole “We Lied” thing will get forgiven.

And here’s why I hate the Flash-Forwards.  Now that we’ve seen who’s still alive in the future,  when dangerous situations come up for Team Arrow in the present, we know they’ll make it out alive.  So there’s no real suspense.   Here’s what’s coming up next week…

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