FOX’s GOTHAM may have ended, but that doesn’t mean that Batman’s city can’t be reborn, on the CW.  The BATWOMAN pilot has been picked up by The CW, and will become the newest series in the Arrow-verse.  But ironically, Batman won’t be in this series either.  He’s gone missing, or some such thing, leaving his cousin, Kate Kane in charge.  And just for the record, there’s also the Pennyworth series on EPIX, which centers around Alfred, before Bruce Wayne was even born.   But don’t fret, at least Batman gets to make an appearance on DC Universe’s TITANS.

In the last CW Crossover event, we met Ruby Rose’s Kat Kane / Batwoman, and she was a badass.  But I hear that the Batwoman pilot takes place before that event even happened. So we’ll have to wait and see how this Bat-series fits into the Arrow-verse continuity. Also of note, Batwoman will be the first superhero series to feature a LGBT main character and actress as the primary lead.