Team Flash is acting like Team Stupid in this latest episode.  They finally battle Cicada and win, leaving her unconscious and vulnerable.  But instead of using the power-dampening handcuffs on her, to restrain her and take away her powers, they just stand around until she wakes up and kicks their butts.  But she doesn’t kill them, which makes absolutely no sense.  So I guess bad writing is really to blame, and not our beloved team.

And to make matters worse, Barry is too self-righteous to listen to Ralph’s theory about the Reverse Flash’s evil plan.  So they play right into his hands, giving Eobard Thawne the means to make his big escape. Which is their sloppy way of dragging this tired Cicada/Nora/Thawne storyline out to the bitter end, which is next week.  So tune in to see next week’s season finale. Because it has to be better than this…

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