Anybody out there looking for a new Terminator movie?  Well it’s coming. And it was NOT directed by James Cameron, he’s a producer on the film.  And he did the same for ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, so maybe if you liked that you’ll like this.

I actually liked the last Terminator, 2015’s TERMINATOR GENISYS, with Arnold and that ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragon Queen.  But the box office numbers were low, so that Terminator got heaved onto the scrap heap, along with Terminator 3 and Christian Bale’s Terminator 4.

So here we go again y’all.  But this time Linda Hamilton’s back and all the dudes are gone, except for what looks like an Arnold cameo.   I wonder if that was the pitch. “Hey, it’s the same old Terminator story, minus the dudes!”  But who knows, maybe the 6th time’s the charm.


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