SAYONARA ‘SWAMP THING’. That was quick! Episode 2 hasn’t even aired yet, and DC Universe drops the news that they will dropping the series, after season one. So Swamp Thing fans, there will be no season two for you.  That’s harsh.  Season 1 will finish its run as planned, but then that’s all she wrote.  Yikes! And I was just starting to get into it.  I hope the season doesn’t end on a  cliffhanger!

But I guess the writing was already on the wall. Because during filming, the production was halted at episode 10, when 13 episodes had originally been ordered. So there was trouble in paradise before the show even aired.  And I’m thinking that the DC Universe streaming service, which is pay-to-play, is re-thinking how this environmental horror story plays into their superhero brand.

SO! After Young Justice, Titans, and Doom Patrol, a series about a big green goo-monster is apparently the odd man out.


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