Heck yeah! From Superman to Super-sleuth, I didn’t see this casting choice coming, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Benedict Cumberbatch played Holmes, and he’s not exactly homely.  And relax haters, Henry’s not replacing Robert Downey Jr., or Cumberbatch.  This new film is about ENOLA HOLMES, Sherlock’s little sister, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

So I say,  give Henry a chance. “Enola Holmes” is based on the Nancy Springer book series, “The Enola Holmes Mysteries.”  So I’m sure Henry Cavill will do great, even if he’s not the titular character.  But I still haven’t given up on him as Superman. So Henry, don’t mothball those tights just yet. Now that JJ Abrams is moving to Warner Bros, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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