It was already confirmed that Tyler Hoechlin is set to return as Superman for the big crossover event. And now comes word that Lois Lane, and their child, will be coming back with him. Elizabeth Tulloch is set to return as Lois Lane.  Or is it Lois Lane-Kent now, or Lois Lane-el? Since Superman proposed before they left for an extended maternity leave on Argo. (A Kryptonian colony off-earth)

And while the sex of the child is also a mystery, in the comics they have a son named Jonathan.  So I’m guessing they’ll follow suit here.  But how old will this new kid be?  By Earth logic, the kid should only be a few months old.  But I’m going to guess that, due to some kind of outer-space goings on, the kid will not be a baby, or a toddler.  But we’ll have to wait and see.

NOTE: It would be cool if cousin Clark, and family, came back to Supergirl to visit Kara, a few episodes before all the crossover chaos starts. SO, if you’re listening CW, that’s on my wish list…

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