… THIS SUCKS KRYPTONITE!  I had my fingers crossed for a season 3, but the SyFy channel just killed Krypton.  Two days after the cliffhanger-ridden finale dropped.  Way to go SyFy Channel, leave the few fans you have hanging, with no closure in sight.

So we’ll never see Adam Strange soar with his new Jet-pack.  And we’ll just have to assume that somehow Seg-el and Nyssa defeated Brainiac and the Thangorians, and rescued their son, Jor-el.  But what about Doomsday, cocooned in ice just outside of Kandor?  Justice for Kem? And does Seg-el choose to bond with Lyta, his true love, or Nyssa, his baby-momma?

And if you’re a Lobo fan, this is a double whammy for you, because they also passed on the Lobo pilot. So no new series for that rascally rebel. Krypton just got blown up y’all, AGAIN!

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