2019 has been a great come-back year for DC-Films, and DC also enjoyed continued success on TV in 2019.  Back in January, AQUAMAN crossed into the Billion Dollar Club.  The First to join since Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ back in 2012.  And then ‘JOKER’ joined the club in November, making this a DC one-two-punch at the box office.  And while SHAZAM didn’t even come close to reaching that box office bonanza. It was a crowd pleaser, getting a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. A feat even The Justice League couldn’t achieve.


And while Marvel continues to rule on the big screen in 2019, DC-TV continued it’s successful reign on the small screen.  And like them or not,  the CW’s Superhero shows continued, while Marvel shows got shut down.  BATWOMAN was added to the CW melting pot,  and DC’s streaming platform, DC-Universe, gave us TITANS, YOUNG JUSTICE, HARLEY QUINN and DOOM PATROL.  Also, there was the addition of EPIX’s PENNYWORTH,  and HBO’s WATCHMEN – And though I haven’t seen either show, I hear that both are quite good. (I can’t watch everything)



In 2020: DC-TV will continue pretty much unchanged.  Though ARROW is ending its run, and STAR GIRL is debuting on the CW, along with a possible SUPERMAN & LOIS series (with their son Jon, aka Superboy).


Meanwhile, in the DC Cinematic Universe, we will be getting a HARLEY QUINN/BIRDS OF PREY movie in February, and WONDER WOMAN 1984 in JUNE.  Also, Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN will be filming for a 2021 release, but there’ll be pix and trailers in 2020.  And fingers crossed, maybe they’ll wise-up and finally announce a new Superman film.  (With Henry Cavill please) But we can only hope.  HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!






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