Yeah, it’s a real slow news day now that all CW Productions have shut down for a couple of weeks.  But remember that CW-TV will go on as planned for a while, because there are some episodes that were shot before the coronavirus shut down.  And on March 17th we get a new episode of ‘The Flash’ entitled “The Exorcism Of Nash Wells.”  The Reverse Flash is back y’all, along with a couple of Mirror Monsters, the Reverse Flash, and an old friend.

At long last, the new Police Chief, David Singh, returns to the show.  Until last season, he was just Captain Singh, but he got a promotion, and Joe West took his place as Captain. Welcome back David Singh, we missed you… Also, Singh finally figured out that Barry Allen is the Flash, so it’ll be interesting to see if that comes into play.

*And in case you missed last episode, Camilla and Iris have been replaced by mirror replicants, created by the new Mirror Master…….

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