Rebecca Ferguson & Timothée Chalamet play mother and son in this new take on Dune. (Paul Atreides &  Lady Jessica Atreides.) The slow-paced, but ambitious, original film came out in 1984. And the impressive muni-series came out on SyFy in the year 2000.  And I enjoyed both versions, so I’ll probably like this one.
This new DUNE looks good so far (Pix  from Vanity Fare).  And the novel is a science fiction classic.  So pull out your stillsuits, because here we go again… (And FYI, the suit filters your sweat and pee and turns it into drinking water. It’s called survival people)

Oscar Isaac is Duke Leto, father of Paul and head of House Atreides.

— Duncan Idaho – Jason Momoa

Gurney Halleck -Josh Brolin                &   Chani – Zendaya


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