STAR WARS NEWS:  Temuera Morrison is set to return to a roll he never actually played, and it’s really very cool.  (The Mandalorian, Season 2)

We never saw Boba Fett’s face in the original film trilogy.  But in the prequels, Morrison played Janga Fett, Boba’s father. But since Boba was revealed to be a clone of Janga, not his son, he would have grown up to look exactly like Janga.  (In fact, all the clone warriors looked like Morrison.)

So Temuera Morrison is known to be the face of Boba Fett, though he’s never played the role in the movie saga. And yikes, I know it’s a bit confusing, but Star Wars fans know what I’m talking about.  And yes, this is inspired casting…  And yes, The Mandalorian rocks!!!!

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