As a BIG Star Trek Fan, I unfortunately found that Star Trek: Discovery wasn’t exactly my cup of Earl Grey tea.  But when they introduced Captain Pike in season two, I felt they finally hit a familiar note.  And I am so glad that Captain Pike, a Young Spock, and a female Number One, will board the Enterprise and spin off into their own show, just like Gene Roddenberry originally intended.

This trio of characters , for you non-nerds, was in the original 1964 pilot.  But the network wanted something less cerebral and more swashbuckling, with mini-skirts.  So Pike was out, the female first officer was nixed, and Kirk and his posse was in.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Captain Kirk’s Star Trek, and still watch it probably more than I should.  But if CBS All Access is doing a proper prequel, I think it’s time to give this original trio a chance to shine. Because, from the colorful uniforms to the USS Enterprise, this just feels right.  And here’s what the cast has to say about this news…

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