AMC: I was ready to let go of  “THE WALKING DEAD“; 1st when Rick Grimes left, and then when Michonne left (neither are dead).  But Maggie’s back, and the show keeps drawing me back in. So for now, I’m still watching.

But as for “FEAR THE WALKING DEAD”, if Morgan gets Zombified, I’m done… Unless! Because of the pandemic, there’s nothing else to watch, I may continue  due to lack of TV content.  But don’t bank on that “FEAR TWD” Producers. Don’t kill Morgan!!!

So check out the panels for those two shows below.  But I didn’t include the new Teen Walking Dead Spin-off panel, TWD:WORLD BEYOND, because I didn’t watch it.  But it will be on youtube if you’re interested. And you can catch it on the COMIC-CON@HOME website…


UPDATE: I did include the new trailer for TWD: BRAVE WORLD after all.  But as expected, it’s a new CW-lite version of THE WALKING DEAD, with cliched teen-angst dialog, and characters that could have been plucked off STARGIRL…

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