IGN is hosting the full panel for DC: Fandome’s Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Panel, which does NOT include the full-on movie.  And I say that because when the original schedule was released for DC: Fandome, the world premiere of the full-on movie was on the schedule, followed by this same panel.  But when they split the 24 hour event into a two-day event, the second day on September 12th, the movie premiere disappeared completely.

Yanked without explanation, I think someone finally realized that showing the entire film to the world for free, just before it goes on sale a few weeks later, wasn’t a wise business decision.  But that’s just speculation.

ANYWAY, I thought DC: Fandom did a great job, given the Covid-related restrictions.  Yeah there were ups and downs, but I think the Ups out-weighed the Downs and they gave us a good show, with some neat reveals. Though once again Superman was snubbed.  But it-is-what-it-is.  (And yes, I’m still bitter)

I believe this Superman: Man Of Tomorrow  panel will also be part of DC: Fandome part 2, on September 12th. But if you want to check it out now, IGN has made that possible…

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