CBS ALL ACCESS:  It’s only logical that they’d drop the new discovery trailer on Star Trek Day.

And while I wasn’t a fan of season one, I did like season 2 a little better, so I’m onboard for season 3. Which kicks off October 15th on CBS:All Access.

In season 1, the show supposedly took place in the past, and mucked around with established Star Trek Canon willy-nilly. (And Fans didn’t like that.)

Then in season 2, they attempted to right the ship by bringing in fan-favorites, Captain Pike & a young Mister Spock, to get back in line with Trek continuity.  (And Fans liked that so much Pike & Spock are spinning off into their own show.)

Also, they removed the Discovery from continuity entirely, in a creative way. Blasting them from the past into the future.

And now in season 3,  The Discovery is landing in the far-flung future, beyond anything we’ve seen before.  So now they’re free to tell their own stories without having to worry about stepping on any tender Trek toes.   And here’s the trailer…


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