CBS ALL ACCESS:  The Star Trek Day Event was actually better than I thought it would be. Seeing familiar Trek faces again was great, and I liked having the option to watch the panels when I want, instead of one after the other, in a big chunk.  BUT!  Let’s talk about the alien Elephant in the room.  Who wasn’t there.

1st Snub:  William Shatner/Captain Kirk – This event took place on Sept. 8th to honor the 54th anniversary of the day that Star Trek: The Original Series first debuted.  That’s the series that stars William Shatner as the iconic Captain James T. Kirk.  But Shatner wasn’t on the Star Trek: TOS Panel, and his picture on the poster art is so small I didn’t even know it was there.

2nd Snub.  Star Trek: The Next Generation – Every other Star Trek series got a panel, but not Next Generation.  Marina Sirtis tweeted that her invite must have gotten lost in the mail. Though Dianna Troi appeared on Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise, and Picard.  Brent Spiner was Data on Next Generation, and played a pivotal role in Picard. Worf, aka Michael Dorn, was on Next Generation and  he was a series regular on Deep Space Nine. So why didn’t Next Generation cast get a panel?  Levar Burton’s daughter co-hosted the event, with Wil Wheaton, another Next Generation alum.  So  did everyone’s invite get lost in the mail? (Jonathan Frakes was on the Picard Panel with Patrick Stewart).

3rd Snub – The JJ Abram’s Star Trek film trilogy.   I know some fans aren’t onboard with the whole new-timeline thing.  But these Star Trek films came along when the franchise was dead in the water, and got people interested again.  The new take on Captain Kirk and the crew, basically got the Star Trek ball rolling one more time.  So why no mention?  I know getting all the movie folk online for a joint video chat might not have been possible. But the whole event was pre-recorded, so some representation could have happened.


William Shatner’s image is the smallest and blurriest one on this poster.




What did you think of Star Trek Day?  Did it bother you that William Shatner wasn’t there? And that the Next Generation crew, and the JJ Abram’s crew were left out?  Let me know in the comments below…