Definition:  “Rumor“… a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.”

So what is the totally unsubstantiated Henry Cavill/Superman  rumor that’s being batted around? –  Its that Henry Cavill recently helped pitch Warner Bros a great idea for a Superman Project, and they loved it,  signing him up for 3+ films as Superman, plus cameos.

WOW!  That would be cool; if any official sources corroborated the story, or if Cavill leaked it, or if even one of the major entertainment news sources ran with the story.   But none of that happened.  And it doesn’t help that the rumor started a few days ago, and still nothing.

(Also, it says he ‘helped pitch’ a great idea.  Who did he help, a writer/director?)

SO, while this is a really cool rumor that I would love to be true.  It’s only talk, and not by anybody official. The only reason I’m writing about it is because the rumor is circulating, and there is a fair amount of intenet buzz, so I had to say something.

MY LAST WORD: I don’t think Superman fans should be celebrating just yet.  There’s only a slim chance, and I do mean a razor thin chance, that the rumor is true.  But keep bugging Warner Bros about a ‘Man Of Steel 2’ and maybe it’ll happen.  That fan-fueled squeaky-wheel scenario got us the Snyder-Cut.     (#HenryCavilSuperman)