Thanks to, we get to see new images of Zoë Kravitz, as a stylish Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and an unrecognizable Colin Farrell as The Penguin.

 Filming was halted a couple of weeks ago due to Covid-19, but everything is back on track now. Which is good news, because the first official trailer was so dang good, and I can’t wait to see the movie in 2022.

 Plus, I’m sure The Batman will  make a Gotham-sized splash at 2021 San Diego Comic-con.  Kiss my Keister Covid, we want our lives back!!!

And here’s a pic of the whole gang; Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Falcone, and Penguin…


LAST WORD:  Alfred! Pay a professional to come to Wayne Manor and cut Bruce’s hair please, instead of doing the bowl-cut yourself.  It’s time!