As the Nerd Report‘s DC Guy, I’ve been asked about Wonder Woman 1984.  But since I don’t do detailed film reviews, I’ll just give my 1st impression.  So here’s what I have to say… short and sweet. I didn’t like it.

In years past, the 1st step in the filmmaking process was having a GREAT script.  Then a director was hired and a star obtained, based on the strength of that marvelous story and well-written script.

But nowadays, a director is obtained, a star signs on, and a release date is secured, before a script is even written.  As if coming up with a good script/story is effortless, and a given. And unfortunately, some productions even begin filming before the script is finalized… I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but  why is that a thing?

That being said, I know some people will find Wonder Woman 1984 entertaining.  But unfortunately I’m not one of them.  I found the story and script, written by Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns and David Callahan,  lacking.  And that’s a shame, since I am such a huge DC fan.

Wonder Woman 1984:  I sat down with my family to watch this, but at the 50 minute mark, everyone bailed on the film but me.  And I have to say, that I didn’t blame them.

The story seemed cartoonish  and didn’t work for me, and the script itself had a lot of problems. The pacing was sluggish, I found the special effects uneven, and the movie feels too long at two-and-a-half hours. Plus, the climactic battle was blurry and out of focus, and I think the wrap-up  was heavy-handed and generic.

I had high hopes for Wonder Woman 1984, since I loved the first Wonder Woman film, written by Allan Heinberg. But I found Wonder Woman 1984 to be disappointing.  And yes, a third film has already been greenlit, with no script in sight.  Way to go Hollywood! Once again, hoisted by your own petard…

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