The Flash feature film will be dealing with different realities, via the multi-verse.  That’s how both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton can be Batman/Bruce Wayne in the same movie.  So at some point in the film, The Flash will run into Supergirl. And Director Andy Muschietti announced today that “The Young & The Restless” actor Sasha Calle has been cast to play the girl of Steel. Making her the first Latina actress to play the role.


Now, does this mean that Superman will, or won’t be in the film?  There’s no way to know until more casting info is revealed.  On The Flash’s Earth, where Ben Affleck is Batman, there is no Supergirl, only a Superman.  So maybe they’ll get Cavill back in the suit. That would be awesome.  But don’t hold your breath.  I’m sure they don’t want to overshadow The Flash in his own movie.


Here’s a thought!  Maybe they switched out Cyborg for Supergirl. Sasha Calle is 22, closer to Miller’s age at 28. So that could substitute for the youthful dynamic the movie had with Cyborg and Flash.  Just a thought…



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