The CW:  I’m still a Flash-Fan, but because the pandemic cut last season short, the whole mirror-verse saga never ended.  So they have to conclude it, and free Iris, before they move on.  Which I hope they do next week.  Because the Mirror-Master saga is old news now, and it’s time to put it to rest and start something new.  You listening CW?

Also, a nice easter egg in the 1st episode of the season was a Clark Kent name drop.  It was quick, but was kind of a nod to the fact that Superman & Lois is in the Arrow-verse.

So maybe The Flash will super-speed by Smallville some day.  I’m sure boyish Uncle Barry would get along with the Kent boys. AND Barry would probably just tell them he’s the Flash, since they now know their Dad’s Superman.

– Because at some point The Flash and Clark’s cousin Supergirl have to be acknowledged somehow.  But the Legends are traveling around in time, and Batwoman is a whole new person, so their absences are understandable…