DESTINY’S New Expansion And Release Date!

With the release of the House of Wolves expansion, Bungie has finally found its stride, which is leaving many players wondering what’s going to happen next. Well look no more. Bungie has announced(?) its newest expansion AND its release date. Games Radar is reporting that the new expansion is called The Taken King. Originally called […]


The first iteration of Disney Infinity surprised me. It was a solid meshing of live action characters mixed with 2d and 3d animated characters packaged in a game that allowed for incredible crossover possibilities. In addition, the game had character specific worlds that just had a lot of gameplay. It was just…fun. Disney Infinity 2.0 […]

SHAQUILLE O’NEAL Back In Video Games?

Some of you readers may recall the times when Shaquille O’Neal tried to move outside his pro basketball career and into things not-so-basketball-y. Hey, since he was on fire on the basketball court, why not in the media? It was horrible. But, to be fair, he does have pure athletic talent and his over 7ft […]