SHAQUILLE O’NEAL Back In Video Games?

Some of you readers may recall the times when Shaquille O’Neal tried to move outside his pro basketball career and into things not-so-basketball-y. Hey, since he was on fire on the basketball court, why not in the media? It was horrible. But, to be fair, he does have pure athletic talent and his over 7ft […]

DAREDEVIL Renewed For Second Season!

Marvel has announced today that the critically acclaimed show Daredevil is being renewed for another season! This is amazing news for fans of the show. Netflix‘s acquisition of Daredevil wasn’t a stand alone, it was acquired along with Luke Cage (with Power Fist?), A.K.A Jessica Jones, and Defenders. Quoted from With the first season […]


If you’ve watched Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV before, you’ll remember…well, you’ll remember that it was just violent. It was not just violent, it was over the top extreme violence acted out using stop motion techniques and a lot of imagination. Two celebrities, usually horribly voiced, faced off in a no-holds-barred battle (usually) to the death. […]