LUCIFER: Saved By Netflix

Guess which show clawed its way back from cancellation hell?  And no, I’m not talking about Brooklyn 99, which was rescued by NBC.  LUCIFER was cancelled by FOX, and now it’s alive again at NETFLIX.  Fans of the show were shocked when they heard that FOX had dropped Lucifer after season three. So they mounted […]

THE FLASH: Two New Series Regulars

In the upcoming season;  The Flash will have two new series regulars.  Cecile, Joe’s Baby-Mama, will be a series regular.  Which isn’t a surprise to anyone.  But will she still have her mind-reading powers?  And will their baby have any meta-powers?  I’m sure the show has something in mind for the new family, and we’ll […]

SUPERGIRL: Make It Reign

Remember how Supergirl stopped Reign last episode with a Kryptonian rock that wasn’t Kryptonite. Well this week is all about the resurrection of Reign. The World Killer was yanked out of Sam and floated off into oblivion. But with the finale still looming, it’s no surprise that bad girl Reign makes it back in time […]

THE INCREDIBLES 2: My 1st Impression

The Incredibles 2 is good, but not Incredible!  I saw it a few hours ago and its a fun ride, but it doesn’t quite have the WOW factor the first film had.  There are fun and funny moments throughout,  but there’s also a hint of a been-there-done-that factor that makes you wish the story had […]

SUPERGIRL: Adios Earth!

Remember that rock that Supergirl brought back from Argo City to defeat Reign? Well it worked! Within the first few minutes of the episode, they’re able to use the rock’s essence to separate the evil Reign from Sam, and banish that bad girl forever. Yeah, and if you believe that, with two episodes left this […]