Case Closed now on Netflix.

     Recently, Netflix hast started getting more and more invested in anime, which is just wonderful for anime fans like myself. The Seven Deadly Sins  has to be one best series I’ve watched recently. It looks like Netflix  Now has another one to add to the catalog. Case Closed, or Detective Conan, is on Netflix right now. […]

Favorite Four: Anime

Anime is just amazing to me, so it is no secret that I spend a lot of my extra time watching some of my favorite old school anime like Naruto, Bleach and Trigun as well as finding newer series to watch. Well, with another year gone, I figured I would share my picks for top […]

What Will The Future Hold For RWBY?

For those that don’t know, RWBY is a hybrid 3d animated/anime production made by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. The show was an instant success, spawning an audience of thousands and a following that spurred cosplay, fan art, and hundreds of fanfics. But the show suddenly met an unfortunate speed bump when its creator Monty […]


In a not-so-surprising move, Studio Khara has announced that they will put the iconic 90’s anime series on blu-ray, as reported by io9. It’s not like they’ve tried to re-energize the series before, there’s Death and Rebirth, End of Evangelion, Revival of Evangelion, Death True (2), 1.11, 2.22, 3.141….ok, you know what I’m talking about. […]


Before Titanfall…before Transformers…before Battlestar Galactica….and even before Star Wars…there was Space Battleship Yamato. Fans of the 1974-1975 Japanese animated show will remember the times of epic space battles in a spaceship that looks like a giant sea-worthty battleship with a large hole right down the middle indicating its giant cannon.  Most anime fans younger than […]

HAYAO MIYAZAKI To Receive Special Award! Details Here!

When people say the name Hayao Miyazaki, people may not turn their heads in familiarity. Fortunately, his work speaks volumes. Once the co-founder and major force behind Japan’s Studio Ghibli (which the name is actually an Italian noun meaning Mediterranean wind), he’s directed anime classics Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa Valley of […]