The Shape of Water Blu-Ray Review

With cinematography among its Oscar nominations and production design among its four wins, The Shape of Water looks majestic on Blu-ray. The amphibian (Doug Jones)’s shiny wet scales with bright light emanating from within glow in your living room. You can see all the detail in the decrepit apartment and classic cinema underneath. Each set […]

Fargo Season 3 DVD Review

Fargo is one of the best shows on television, but it looks like it’s going to be a while before we get a new season. So we’ll just have to tide ourselves over revisiting the latest season and going behind the scenes on DVD. The bonus features are promos so they’re not much use if you’ve […]

Murder on the Orient Express Blu-ray

Murder on the Orient Express is a good looking film on Blu-ray. I’s full of dark moody lighting in individual cabins and ornate details of the train. Bright snow in the background is striking. It’s green screen but a detailed background. Bookend locations are stunning. 70mm transfers to digital flawlessly. Deleted scenes are full of […]