THE FLASH “Reborn” Review

The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 I love The Flash, but I hate season finale cliffhangers. Because, when the new season rolls around, all those problems need to be resolved before the show can return to its fun self and move forward. At he end of last season; Barry surrendered to the Speed Force, leaving […]

THE FLASH Has Big News: Now This is a Stretch!

Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man, is bringing his elasticity to Central City in Season four of The Flash.   In DC Comics, Ralph is a fast-talking Private Investigator by day, and the costumed vigilante, The Elongated Man, by night. Ralph has the ability to stretch his body into almost any shape or form. In the comics, […]

GOTHAM Recap: “Infectious”

Remember how Lee  gave herself a shot of the virus with the super villain syringe? Well, she’s got plans for Jim Gordon too. Lee finally admits that she still loves Jim, which is great. But she wants him to convert, and I’m not talking religion. Lee wants Jim to take the needle, like she did, […]