If you’re still on the fence about TITANS,  and the new DC Universe Streaming service, check out this behind the scenes featurette.  Those outside the US will get it on Netflix for no extra charge.  So I’m jealous.  I would check it out if it was on Netflix in the US, but I’m not going […]

THE WALKING DEAD: Still Very Much Alive…For Now

While it is true that viewership for The Walking Dead Premiere was about half of what it usually is.  I now have additional information.  Once you count the viewers who watched the premiere later that week, the AMC series gained an additional 3.26 million, bringing its final viewer total to 9.36 million.  Which, for a cable show, […]


Just in case you missed it, Disney’s Star Wars Resistance is up and running.  Here’s a clip hi-lighting a new character played by ex-hobbit Elijah Wood. DESCRIPTION: Kaz partakes in a friendly speeder bike race against a new acquaintance in this clip from “Fuel for the Fire.” Check it out Sundays at 10pm.