KRYPTON Finale: That Just Happened!

Wow! And here I thought Gotham was the worst when it comes to messing around with Comic Book continuity. But I guess anything goes in this supposed prequel. Check it out: Brainiac doesn’t take Kandor, and instead, he ends up imprisoned in the phantom zone with Seg-el, our hero.  Then General Zod takes over Krypton, […]

THE FLASH Finale: No Mo DeVoe

Whew! That was close. Marlize joins up with Team Flash just in time to bring down The Thinker. She has pretty much come to realize that her beloved husband is dead, replaced by the evil dark matter being that calls himself The Thinker. And Marlize comes up with a pretty out-there plan of attack.  According […]

SUPERGIRL Review: Filler Up

This was a total filler episode, and forward momentum took the night off, replaced by personal issue resolution, both real and forced. Reign is still trapped in Lena’s lab, destined to escape soon, but for some reason Alex is trying to make Ruby move on as if she’s dead and gone. The kid just found […]

KRYPTON: Finale Promo

Don’t miss the Krypton finale on Wednesday the 23rd!  And in this overly long promo, they’re saying that General Zod time traveled via The Phantom Zone.  Though that’s not how the dimensional prison works in the comics.  And it’s funny how neither grandfather or grandson talk about Seg-el’s dad.  They neither mourn, or even act […]

KRYPTON Review: Hope or Hopeless

KA-POW! That was my mind being blown, and not in a good way. General Zod just announced that Seg-el and Lyta are his parents! What the heck?! So Superman’s greatest enemy is his Uncle? Since when?! Let’s just hope that General Zod is lying, which is very possible. But he does open one of those […]