ARROW Ep.7: Quick Review & Promo Trailer

GOOD EPISODE:  It was pretty much a complete ‘Battle-Royale’.  Diaz breaks into prison to kill Oliver, the prison guards, and whoever gets in his way.  So Oliver teams up with Bronze Tiger, to save the doomed guards, and bring down Diaz.  Stanley turns out to be a psycho serial killer.  He attacks Oliver and then […]

THE FLASH Ep.6: Quick Review and Promo Trailer

GREAT EPISODE: It’s Birth and Rebirth, and I couldn’t be happier.  Killer Frost is finally reborn, and I’m glad she’s back.  Cause Frosty definitely makes Caitlin more interesting.  Barry and Cisco find Caitlin’s Dad, and we find out that he used an experimental cold treatment to beat a deadly disease.  And he used a modified […]

THE LION KING: Live-Action Teaser Trailer

This live-action film is coming from Jon Favreau, the director of The Jungle Book.  So you know he does the whole animals-talking thing really well. But how are they going to deal with all the singing?  The Jungle Book was a great movie, and had some subdued musical moments.  But The Lion King’s got some […]