ARROW Ep.6: Quick Review and Promo Trailer

Oliver is still in Jail, but it finally looks like little Stanley is beginning to show his true colors.  Did Oliver’s Gilligan-like little buddy kill a guard and frame another inmate? It sure looks that way.  Meanwhile; Laurel is trying to do lawyer-stuff to get Oliver out of prison, even though he’s being a total […]


This is a short promo, but you get to see Batwoman actually in motion, and the suit still looks pretty good.  Plus, you see Barry Allen as the Green Arrow, with Cisco.  And they mention Batman, but where is he?  And why is Gotham such a lawless ghost town? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, […]

THE FLASH Ep.5: Quick Review & Promo Teaser

‘RAG DOLL’ – It was a very cool episode because they hired a real contortionist to play Rag Doll. Making him a very interesting and scary guy. Unfortunately though, they didn’t give him much to do.  The Flash was more character driven than Villain driven this time out, but I didn’t mind.  They finally took […]


Not much to say about the Poster.  It’s got everything you’d expect; a circus motif & a flying baby elephant.  But there’s no little mouse, and no sign of crows. And it looks pretty tame for a Tim Burton film. Though 1st looks can be deceiving… What do you think?