Lucifer Cancelled! The Devil You Say

Mediocre Gotham is renewed for a shortened fifth season, to wrap up the Batman-lite saga,  while Lucifer is cast out with nothing, leaving loyal fans shocked and unhappy. But is the show gone for good, that’s the question?  Loyal fans are flooding social media with words of support, in hopes of resurrecting the show on […]

GOTHAM: Renewed For A 5th Season (Sort Of)

Breaking News Gotham Fans; Gotham has been renewed for a fifth and final season.  But they haven’t confirmed how long that season will be.  Rumor has it that the season will be a 13 episode wrap up, which will boost the show’s total episode count to 100, which would make it ideal for syndication. Here’s […]

iZOMBIE: Renewed For Another Season

It’s official; All the DC/TV shows on the CW got picked up for the new season.  iZombie was the last to get the nod, but the undead will be living, loving, and devouring brains for one more year.  But honestly, I’m not sure where this show is headed.  Seattle has already been turned into a […]

GOTHAM Review: All Hail Harvey!!

Harvey Bullock is finally given his moment to shine, and it is about damn time! He’s been a flawed character from the start. But he always wore his heart on his sleeve. And Harvey was Jim Gordon’s true friend, even when Jim didn’t deserve his loyalty. Harvey even forgave Jim for stealing his job, which […]

KRYPTON: Strange Bedfellows

Why are Adam Strange and Daron-Vex on the same side now? Vex is a self-serving coward. And even Brainiac knows it. But has Adam become the real villain of this story? Adam wants to preserve the timeline, but that means that Brainiac takes Kandor, and the planet explodes, leading to the creation of Superman. But […]

THE FLASH Review: The Shape Of Metal

This was pretty much a Clifford and Marlize DeVoe-free episode. Marlize left her husband last week, so I’m guessing he spent this episode licking his wounds. And she’s probably floating around in that chair somewhere enjoying her freedom. But wherever they were, they weren’t in this episode. It was more about Amunet Black, the Meta-human […]

SUPERGIRL Review: One For All

Remember how there was only ONE World Killer at the beginning of the season. We see the crazy Kryptonian Cult people ship her off the exploding planet shortly after Kal-el and Kara got launched. But later that season we learn that there are actually two other World Killers, so the One became THREE. Kind of […]

Krypton: Episode 8 – Sneek Peek

Only three episodes left, including this one.  Are you a fan?  I know I am!  What will Seg-el, Lyta-Zod, Jayna-Zod, General Zod, and Adam Strange do now that Brainiac is masquerading as a God?  And while Adam Strange started out this journey as the hero of this story, will he now become Krypton’s greatest villain? […]