DC’s NEW 52 Getting A “New” Reboot?

If you know anything about DC’s New 52, you’ll note that this is a veritable “reboot” of DC characters as a result of the Flash storyline “Flashpoint”. It was a very convenient way to “modernize” the decades-old characters and hopefully bring in a newer, fresher crowd. It also allowed DC to bring in its Wildstorm […]

SUPERMAN’S New Power…What Is It?

Longtime fans of Superman (or even DC) will note that superhero powers aren’t set in stone. Things can change at any time. With big events like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Darkest Night, the writers get full reign on what happens to our favorite comic book icons.   But with the New 52, writers have […]

New Footage From Netflix’s DAREDEVIL

Netflix is set to air it’s Daredevil action TV series which depicts the incredible journey of Matt Murdock.  Murdock was blinded in an unfortunate accident as a child and in turn became dependent on his other extraordinary senses.  Murdock is a lawyer by day, and Daredevil by night.  Fighting to clean up his city against […]