NETFLIX’s LOST IN SPACE: Available Now!!!

Danger Will Robinson, the Lost In Space reboot is Available now, and it’s good.  But that new creepy alien robot may not be an appropriate playmate for a kid.  You better check its references, I’m just saying.  And we got a glimpse of the real Doctor Smith, before Parker Posey stole his identity, and it […]

BLACK LIGHTNING Recap: Whale Watching

Tobias Whale is back, and he’s looking to move up in the world, by taking Lady Eve’s old job. Remember that Whale killed Lady Eve, and made it look like Black Lightning did the deed. Whale was also got blasted by Black Lightning during their last encounter, so he’s been on the road to recovery […]

KRYPTON Review: Who Speaks For Rao?

I thought The Voice Of Rao dude was part of Brainiac’s plan, but I was wrong. But by episode’s end, I’m right. The episode opens by showing us that The Voice Of Rao is a regular guy, who’s kind of a manipulator. He has Lyta Zod arrested for treason, as a scapegoat for the incident […]

THE FLASH: Fun With Fart Jokes

Barry gets cranky when Ralph doesn’t do things his way. Choosing instead to combat his fear with Jokes, and yes, a whoopee cushion.   That’s the plastic bladder that sounds like a fart when someone sits on it. This wasn’t a great episode. It felt like a filler story that just took up space while we […]

GOTHAM: The Joke’s On You!

Jerome has an identical twin brother named Jeremiah. So you know what that means? The actor playing Jerome is also playing Jeremiah, the same way they did things when there were two Bruce Waynes. But I think Jerome is the red herring and Jeremiah may be the actual Joker. While Jerome seems crazy enough to […]