SUPERGIRL Review: One For All

Remember how there was only ONE World Killer at the beginning of the season. We see the crazy Kryptonian Cult people ship her off the exploding planet shortly after Kal-el and Kara got launched. But later that season we learn that there are actually two other World Killers, so the One became THREE. Kind of […]

Krypton: Episode 8 – Sneek Peek

Only three episodes left, including this one.  Are you a fan?  I know I am!  What will Seg-el, Lyta-Zod, Jayna-Zod, General Zod, and Adam Strange do now that Brainiac is masquerading as a God?  And while Adam Strange started out this journey as the hero of this story, will he now become Krypton’s greatest villain? […]

GOTHAM: Repeat Offender

How many times has the Gotham City Police Department been invaded and taken over by baddies? Too many to count perhaps? Well it just happened again. You’d think they’d have a protocol in place by now to deal with such an eventuality, but they don’t. So when Jerome’s crazed followers break in, using his empty […]

KRYPTON Review: Transformation

What do you do when your father turns out to be a self-serving coward, and tries to kill you? Ask Nyssa-Vex, because her father jumped on the Brainiac bandwagon without hesitation, and then tried to blow her head off to placate him. No Father’s Day present for you Daron-Vex. When it comes to knuckling-under, you […]