AQUAMAN TRAILER: Undersea Awesome

The Aquaman trailer dropped at Comic-Con!  Its exotic and awesome, and comic book accurate.  And here’s a San Diego Comic-con exclusive; Aquaman will wear the iconic green and gold suit, and it looks badass!  Unfortunately, the image they showed at Comic-con is not in the released trailer.  But believe me, those who want to see […]

ARROW: Comic-Con Trailer

Oliver is in prison, and he has been for five months.  And if you don’t believe me, he’s got the scars to prove it.  (Yeah, just what Oliver needs, more scars) Being locked up with a lot of the bad guys he fought as Green Arrow, has definitely made him a target.  But Oliver’s a […]

THE FLASH: Comic-Con Trailer

Yo Party People, San Diego Comic-Con was rad!  At The Flash panel we learned that Nora, Barry and Iris’ future daughter is stuck and can’t get back to her own time for some reason.  I’m guessing that she created her own Flashpoint!  She also brings some future tech with her, so we’ll see The Flash […]

Escape Plan 2 Blu-Ray Review

I’m excited Stallone is continuing the Escape Plan series and bringing Dave Bautista in. They’re making it more about the Breslin Security team, but Stallone is still in it, doing some action on the outside and joining the team for the finale. I mean, it beats doing Escape Plan without Stallone at all. The Blu […]