SUPERGIRL: Argo, a City Under Glass

On Supergirl: We see that the domed City floating through space is from Krypton. Apparently, Argo City actually survived when the planet exploded.   The entire city, still under a glass-like force field, is on a huge chunk of the planet, and it’s floating just beyond the dark side of the Moon.  And in case you’re […]

KRYPTON Finale: That Just Happened!

Wow! And here I thought Gotham was the worst when it comes to messing around with Comic Book continuity. But I guess anything goes in this supposed prequel. Check it out: Brainiac doesn’t take Kandor, and instead, he ends up imprisoned in the phantom zone with Seg-el, our hero.  Then General Zod takes over Krypton, […]

THE FLASH Finale: No Mo DeVoe

Whew! That was close. Marlize joins up with Team Flash just in time to bring down The Thinker. She has pretty much come to realize that her beloved husband is dead, replaced by the evil dark matter being that calls himself The Thinker. And Marlize comes up with a pretty out-there plan of attack.  According […]