Candyman Blu-ray Review

Scream Factory had previously released the Candyman sequels on proper Blu-ray. Now they finally got to the original. As a testament to how vital the original film was, both Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd participate in bonus features. The film is perfectly clear and maintains the film look of 1992, with grain. The grittier it […]

Sleepwalkers Blu-ray Review

Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers is the classic tale of a pair of incestuous soul suckers who get killed by cats. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore, but the new Scream Factory Blu-ray makes sure their story will last for generations to come. The Columbia Pictures source must’ve been great because Sleepwalkers looks good even by […]

Final Score Blu-ray Review

Dave Bautista makes a great action hero, but so far the only true vehicle for him has been Final Score. This Die Hard in a stadium (and therefore Sudden Death with soccer) is the kind of solid high concept action movie we need more of. Final Score is your classic story of a veteran (Bautista) […]

The Incredibles 2 Blu-ray Review

There’s no question of a Pixar movie looking amazing on Blu-Ray. All the colors and textures fill each of Incredibles 2‘s kinetic action sequence with tons of details that make them feel real. The quieter moments let you take it all in even more. Light reflecting off the pool is stunning (and the magic hour […]