Jackie Chan Announces New Jackie Chan Adventures Cartoons

Jackie Chan was a martial arts legend around the world before Rumble in the Bronx made him one in the U.S. too. But it was his animated show, Jackie Chan Adventures, that made him a hero to children. The show ran from 2000-2005 but at the press conference for The LEGO Ninjago Movie (Chan plays Master Wu), Chan announced a new series of Jackie Chan Adventures has been completed.

“I just finished my new Jackie Chan Adventures,” Chan said. “Probably release later. I hope children can see it, and also it has a lot of good messages to teach children how to be good children and respect everything.”

Chan also provided a voice for the Kung Fu Panda movies, so he is a fan of using animation to demonstrate martial arts.

“Yes, because sometimes martial arts, you have limits,” Chan said. “In a cartoon, martial arts are unlimitted. You can do anything, everything and you never get old.”

He accepted the role in LEGO Ninjago so that a new generation of children would discover Jackie Chan.

“I wanted to do it because I make a lot of action movies, sometimes children cannot go to see it. This one I said, ‘How can I let the children know me too?’ A long time ago I had Jackie Chan Adventures so whenever I travel around the world, even Germany or Morocco, the children go, ‘Jackie! Jackie!’ I said, ‘Wow, cartoons, these kinds of children’s things.’ Even now, everybody says, ‘Jackie, I watched your movies growing up.’ I’ve been making movies 57 years now. I want children, before I pass away, they still remember [me]. For the future, because Master Wu never dies, I continue dubbing, dubbing, dubbing.”

The one challenge of animation is that LEGO mini-figures can jump much higher and longer than real people, so Chan has to dub the voice for the whole jump. “In the movie, all the effort is my own sounds. I hate cartoon character jumps. Too long. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The director said, ‘One more time.” Okay, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Too long. A real human, pyew.”

Our own Luis Lecca, a practitioner himself, got to ask Chan for some martial arts advice too.

“Just practice,” Chan said. “You don’t have to practice to knock somebody down. Just do martial arts for exercise. It’s good for your brain, good for your health, good for your everything. When you know martial arts, you really respect everybody: your parents, your teacher, nature, the whole world. I think martial arts is good exercise and sport.”

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is now playing.


Could anyone see this coming? Disney’s acquisition of Marvel and the recent breakout success of Guardians of the Galaxy have caused a merging of worlds as Disney XD is slated to show a new Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, according to The New York Times.


Despite rumor-killers by Marvel’s Stephen Wacker about the new show (he had mentioned it was test footage), this announcement was confirmed by Stephen Wacker himself (it appears the test footage was confirmed a go for the series). It appears the show will appear on Disney XD in 2015.


Check out the official teaser below!




Remember the days when boxers boxed and just liked to hit each other? Back when you could bite someone’s ear in a boxing match and get a warning, and proceed to bite the same mans ear again! Ah the good old days…


Mike Tyson has appeared in and out of the media since his high profile ear meal. Nowadays it appears he has obtained his own show. No, it is not something practical like a biography or training or something of that nature. It is a cartoon.


Stop laughing. This is serious. His animated TV show, titled “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is due for an autumn release.


The show will premiere on Adult Swim this Fall. The late night edgy Cartoon Network for adults. The animation appears very similar to the style of Scooby-Doo. The funniest part is not the fact that it is a Mike Tyson cartoon, or the fact that he will voice his character. It’s not even that they gave his character the face tattoo. The funniest part is that he will be solving crimes with his two partners. His partners are the ghost of the marquess of Queensbury and a talking…pigeon. I guess the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is used for times like this…but then again, why do books have covers?


Watch the preview here!


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