Logan/Logan Noir Blu-ray Review

Logan was a bold way to send off Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine, in an R-rated mature final adventure. The Blu-ray also includes the much discussed Logan Noir version in black and white. It’s a great package that gives you everything you loved about Logan and more. In color, Logan looks as great as it […]

Logan Review: It’s X-cellent

Wolverine is back in a movie that’s not for kids. Logan is Rated R, but the R-rating is not a gimmick. Logan is truly a grown up movie that will pay off fans who grew up with Wolverine and X-men movies, but also just reward audiences who are at a stage where they too are […]

Franchise Fred Review: Pan Has Prequelitis

As Franchise Fred, I am biased against prequels. I’m interested in stories moving forward, and going backward takes away what I love about sequels. Even after I wrote about that in a Freditorial, I recalled some prequels I liked. Oz the Great and Powerful worked mainly because it was an excuse for Sam Raimi to […]