Stan Lee Sketches SPIDERMAN for Young Fan

Jamal Hunter, like many young children is a Spiderman fan.  A heart-warming story that ran in The New York Times this weekend focus’s on Hunter who has autism, and his Spider-Man themed birthday party last year.  The article caught the attention of Stan Lee‘s neighbor, retired jazz musician Corky Hale. Hale enlisted Lee to draw a sketch of Spidey declaring “Hi Jamal” and sent it to the boy via Times reporter Michael Wilson.

“This was a unique experience,” Lee told the paper.  “Corky called me and said there was a little boy…She wanted a sketch, so I did one.”  Lee is often mistaken as the sole creator of Spiderman.  More accurately, Lee is a co-creator with Steve Ditko.  Many are not aware that drawing was not Lee’s strong point, yet when asked to sketch Spiderman for a good cause, even Stan Lee can come up with something amazing.


Jamal Hunter with his personalized Spiderman sketch from Stan Lee.