Chuck Blu-ray Review

A biopic of the inspiration for Rocky starring Liev Schreiber, Elisabeth Moss and Ron Perlman should have at least been a wide release. However, I missed Chuck in its limited release and only caught it on Blu-ray, a few weeks late at that (sorry ‘bout that). It’s not going to go down in cinema history […]

Ben-Hur Roundtable: Toby Kebbell and Pilou Asbaek on the Chariot Race and Assassination Attempt

Toby Kebbell and Pilou Asbaek play pivotal characters in Ben-Hur. Kebbell plays Messala Severus, the childhood friend of Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston) who ultimately chooses Rome over Judah. Asbaek plays Roman leader Pontius Pilate. We sat in a roundtable with Kebbell and Asbaek to discuss the making of the film. Kebbell took us through the […]

Fatal Beauty Blu-ray Review

I’d always meant to watch Fatal Beauty and the new Blu-ray release of it gave me the perfect excuse. The idea of Whoopi Goldberg as a wise cracking action hero sounded like a good feminist take on ‘80s action, but there’s a reason it did not become a franchise and Goldberg found more success in […]

99 Homes Blu-ray Review

99 Homes was one of my favorite movies of last year because it turned a very relevant issue into intense drama. The housing crisis is not entertaining, but seeing a victim of it (Andrew Garfield) corrupted by the dark side (represented by Michael Shannon) put a human face on it. On Blu-ray, I discovered how […]